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About Us

Elevating Healthcare Innovations with Passion and Precision

At Passision Healthcare Solutions, our journey is defined by a story that encapsulates a fusion of passion and precision in the pursuit of healthcare excellence. Founded by Dr Urvisha Ram, our organization emerged from a vision to make a profound impact on the healthcare industry and research landscape.


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Quality Management (NABH, NABL, JCI, QCI)

Passision provides consultancy services to healthcare organizations seeking accreditation and certifications from reputable bodies...


Passision offers comprehensive clinical research support, from study design and regulatory compliance to data management...

Training &

Passision offers specialized training programs for healthcare professionals.These programs cover various aspects and compliance...

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Our business team

Dr Urvisha Ram



Miss Mansi Jani

Project Manager


Dr Akanksha Solanki

Operations and Admin Head


Mr Anand Patel

Marketing Consultant


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My professional journey began as a dental student, but my interests quickly expanded beyond clinical practice. Intrigued by the business and corporate aspects of healthcare, I pursued an MBA in healthcare to further develop my strategic planning skills. Equipped with a wealth of experience and knowledge, I embarked on an entrepreneurial path to make a positive impact on the healthcare industry. With my unwavering passion for my work and a meticulous approach to achieving excellence, I coined my journey as “passision” – a fusion of passion and precision.

Answer: For Hospital – Business Development , Marketing & Branding , Quality ( NABH , NABL , JCI , QCI -Accreditation ) , Training & Development , Site Preparation , Documentation.

Leveraging my profound comprehension of the healthcare industry and research landscape, I offer healthcare organizations and research institutions strategic counsel and tangible problem-solving approaches. By synergizing my proficiency in healthcare management with cutting-edge technologies and evidence-based analyses, my objective is to achieve meaningful results, amplify patient care, and cultivate an atmosphere of innovation.

overseeing and coordinating various aspects of site operations, ensuring the efficient and effective functioning of a site or facility the key functions are Planning and coordination , Facility Maintenance and upkeep , Financial Management , Vendor and contract management , Health and safety compliance , Stakeholder Engagement , Continuous Improvement initiatives to enhance site operations

In the initial phase of my start-up, I encountered difficulties in effective communication and finding the most suitable networking channels to generate leads.

I conquered those challenges by embracing a mindset of resilience and refusing to accept failure. I persisted in my efforts, continually refining my communication skills and refusing to give up. I proactively sought opportunities to meet and connect with numerous individuals, diligently working towards establishing a robust network of contacts. Through perseverance and an unwavering attitude, I successfully created a channel of networks that enabled me to overcome those initial obstacles.

Managed to secure two projects within the first month of launching my start-up. Despite the obstacles, I persevered and diligently pursued opportunities, which resulted in these significant achievements early on in my entrepreneurial journey.

By ensuring the smooth functioning, safety, and compliance of a site or facility. Their responsibilities encompass planning, coordination, financial management, vendor relationships, health and safety compliance, stakeholder engagement, and driving continuous improvement efforts.

Indeed, my journey towards success continued as I recognized the value of collaboration and partnership. I actively sought opportunities to collaborate with different consulting agencies, leveraging their expertise in different areas. Through these partnerships, I gained valuable knowledge, expanded my network, and together, we achieved remarkable results. By embracing the power of collaboration, I propelled my start-up forward, unlocking new avenues for growth and establishing a strong foundation for future success.

I am a healthcare and research management consultant dedicated to elevating healthcare innovations with passion and precision. With a deep understanding of the healthcare industry and research landscape, I provide strategic guidance and practical solutions to healthcare organizations and research institutions. By combining my expertise in healthcare management with emerging technologies and data-driven insights, I aim to drive impactful outcomes, enhance patient care, and foster a culture of innovation.

Aligned with my role as a healthcare and research management consultant and my passion for elevating healthcare innovations, the long-term vision for my start-up is to spearhead the integration of AI and digital innovation in the healthcare and research sectors. With a deep understanding of the industry and research landscape, I aim to drive transformative change by harnessing the power of emerging technologies. By leveraging AI and digital solutions, we seek to enhance patient care, accelerate research advancements, and revolutionize the healthcare ecosystem. This vision embodies the fusion of passion and precision, propelling us towards a future where innovation and technology converge for the betterment of healthcare.

Overall, our approach to attracting and retaining top talent revolves around creating a compelling mission, offering growth opportunities, fostering an innovative culture, providing competitive compensation and benefits, recognizing achievements, and prioritizing work-life balance. By implementing these strategies, we aim to build a high-performing team that is passionate, motivated, and committed to driving our long-term vision forward.

At present, my primary focus lies in continuous learning and knowledge acquisition, as well as cultivating networks and generating leads. My goal is to secure a multitude of projects and expand my reach in a manner that enables me to drive both technology and innovations within the healthcare and research domains. By combining my expertise with cutting-edge advancements, I aim to create a transformative impact that pushes the boundaries of what is possible in these fields.